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SharePoint and Office 365 Search with us.

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"We worked with Agnes on a couple of projects and will continue to do so.
Her knowledge is impressive and even more important, she connects immediately the dots
what is important to your business.
You feel that she can draw from a vast set of experiences.
She is very well connected and has a network of resources to draw on should the project or scope require it. H
er responses and deliverables are on time plus it is fun to work with her."

- PMG Fonds Management AG, Switzerland -





"Many search and taxonomy projects worldwide fails because search is a very difficult topic, where the key is to balance current and future user needs as well as understanding technology. Having Agnes on our team really ensured we started the right way and was able to deliver fast thus avoiding costly mistakes."

- Danish National Police, Denmark -



“Agnes, Thank you for developing this course. Understanding Search is key to the success of any project based on Office 365 / SharePoint technologies. Anyone who faces the challenge of making content easily discoverable by colleagues, co-workers and constituents will find your work helpful.”

- Woodard & Curran, United States -



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