Office Delve and the Office Graph are officially released and are being deployed into Office 365 tenancies worldwide. So it’s time to catch up with what these technologies do, what they mean to business, and what they reveal about the new Microsoft. – Recently, Dan Holme and I published the first part of a series on IT Unity, in which we discuss the basics and most important benefits of these technologies innovations.

“In a nutshell, Office Graph is an engine—powered by Office 365 and the Microsoft cloud—that tracks what Microsoft calls “signals” and uses those signals to understand the relationship between users and the interactions between users and information.
Office Delve is a user-facing application that surfaces information that is determined as relevant to the user based on the information in Office Graph. Delve presents its content using a card metaphor, making content easily consumable across device form factors, and earning Delve regular comparisons to a “Flipboard for the enterprise.””

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