Wow, this year starts with amazing news at Search Explained. I’m so excited to share a huge step with you that will add even more value to your life and business! This a significant change for me too as, for the first time, I’m partnering up with someone. This person is also an MVP and well-known SharePoint and Search guru, as well as my good friend. We have been sharing our plans, challenges, news, and successes with each other regularly for a while and now we decided to start to work more closely together!

So Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Matthew McDermott to the Search Explained team! I promise his partnership will bring more clarity, deep knowledge, and better solutions into the Enterprise Search field and to your business.

Matthew McDermottAs many of you know Matthew is a consultant, trainer and an eleven-time Microsoft Office Servers and Services MVP. He shares plenty of valuable information about SharePoint and Microsoft technologies related to collaboration, Web content management, Search and Social Computing. Our knowledge together covers a much larger area than just the two of us separately; we can share our insights that inspire new ways of thinking.

You know that feeling when you face a challenge, you share it with someone, and he says something that sparks up the light of the solution. Now, that’s how it works with us!

With Matthew living in Austin, TX and I am in Budapest, Hungary, it is not only our physical coverage that is growing but our bandwidth also! We will work on projects together that will give you more possibility to join us. We have heaps of plans for this year as you can imagine.

Just to give you a little teaser we will have an Enterprise Search Powerclass at the European Collaboration Summit in Mainz, Germany May 28-30 2018. This time we will have an all-day tutorial to get you off to a good start for more advanced Search. I hope you can join us!

This will be huge, and we are both so excited! We hope that this piece of news made you nearly as happy as we are! If you would like to share your expectations, thoughts or excitement with us, we would be more than happy to hear from you in the comments or via email.