The BLACK FRIDAY SUPER BUNDLE is available in:








24 Nov. 00:01 AM – 27 Nov. 11:59 PM EST


We are going to send out the Black Friday Super Bundle offer ONLY VIA EMAIL (and one of the pieces will be discounted by more than 50%)! If you do not subscribe, you will not get the offer!

What are the components of
the Black Friday Super Bundle?

Piece #1
Piece #2

The first piece helps you to understand the connections of the Search components if you are new to Search. One of the early adopters said:

“It brought my colleagues to a level where they are able to understand search and topology and how to use it in our organization.”

The other piece is very exclusive and it was affordable only for the Fortune 500 companies until now.

During our Black Friday campaign smaller companies can get access to it for a very limited time (24 Nov. 00:01 AM – 27 Nov. 11:59 PM EST), which is available only once a year.

One of the pieces will be discounted with more than 50%!
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