One of my recent read has been Martin White’s Enterprise Search book, 2nd Edition.

This book is a must-have reference for every search manager and decision maker. It guides you in deep details how to plan and implement a managed search environment that meets the needs of your business and your employees. You’ll learn why it’s crucial to have a dedicated staff manage your search technology and support your users.

New material for this second edition includes SharePoint 2013 search, managing open source search development, website search, designing the search user interface, and assessing search performance. Chapters now include a Further Reading section for computer science and information science students.

As a search and findability consultant myself, I found Martin’s first book very valuable. The second edition is not only updated but also enhanced and extended.

Topics include:

  • 10 critical success factors to assess organizational search maturity
  • Essential skills needed to support a successful search application
  • How to specify and manage open source search development
  • How to manage SharePoint 2013 search
  • Methods to assess the business impact of search
  • Best practices in user interface design
  • The importance of search for websites
  • What to include in a search strategy

I highly recommend this book to every search manager and professional, to understand the challenges and possibilities better. Martin White’s wholesome approach is highly recommended for everyone in this business.

Check out the book’s official website and resource center here: