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While I work on creating content, once in a while I really need your help and feedback as well.

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Workshops, Trainings and Roundtable discussions

10 Steps to be Successful with Search – Webinar Recording is Available!



Search Explained Academy

Announcing Search Explained Academy

Just a few weeks ago, we announced our new e-book on SharePoint 2016 Search.

While we work on the last polishes on the book before its public release on June 15, 2016, it’s time for providing some updates on our other exciting projects as well.

While I was on maternity leave in the past few months and could not commit to any customer project, I was continuously working behind the scenes. I wanted to get back with something new, something very exciting. I wanted to create something that provides the best value for existing customers as well as new acquaintances.

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Webinar - 10 Steps to Be Successful with Enterprise Search

Webinar – 10 Steps to Be Successful with Enterprise Search

Content Panda delivers in-context help, training and support content in the user interface – right where and when you need it.  Answers Where You Want Them.

I am honored to do a FREE webinar with Content Panda’s Co-Founder and CEO, Simeon Cathey on Thursday, April 21, 2016:

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Life Inside a Search Lab – by Martin White, Intranet Focus

Many organizations find that the search application on their intranet, or even a more comprehensive enterprise search, is not providing the expected benefits. Finding a solution to the problem is not easy as there are so many variables. Is the search engine unsuitable for the task, are expectations too high, or is the way that the search engine has been implemented not best practice?

Martin White, Managing Director of Intranet Focus Ltd, will held a workshop on 6th April, 2016 in London, UK. The objective of this workshop is to help delegates analyse the nature of the problem that they are facing, and then to provide a range of solutions for consideration.

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SharePoint 2013 Search Training DVD is Available!

This DVD contains the full training I made with SharePoint-Videos last year:

  1. 4-hour training and Search guidance, covering the following topics, with LOTS of demonstrations:
    • What’s new In SharePoint 2013 Search
    • Content processing
    • Continuous crawl
    • Working with metadata
    • Result sources
    • Working with Queries
    • Query rules
    • User Interface customization (Display Templates)
    • Managed navigation
    • Search administration
    • PowerShell and troubleshooting
  2. eBook: “The Essential Guide to Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2013”
  3. PowerShell scripts for crawling, search schema, search administration, troubleshooting and many more
  4. Custom Display Templates
  5. Detailed Step-By-Step guide for troubleshooting

You can order this DVD here. If you might have any question or feedback, don’t hesitate to let me know.


Search Video Training Course

As you might know, I’ve made a 4-hour online class on SharePoint 2013 Search Capabilities, with very good feedbacks.

As an addition to this online training, a video series is available now for those who want to learn about the Search capabilities and opportunities available in SharePoint 2013. Topics covered:

  • SharePoint 2013 Search couse overview and definitions
  • What’s new in SharePoint 2013 Search
  • Content Processing demo
  • SharePoint 2013 Continuous Crawl
  • Working with Metadata
  • Result sources in SharePoint 2013
  • Working with Queries
  • Query Rules in SharePoint 2013 Search
  • UI Customizations of SharePoint 2013 Search
  • Managed Navigation
  • SharePoint 2013 Search Administration
  • PowerShell and Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Examples in SharePoint 2013 Search
  • Search 2013 – Q&A

Watch these video samples from the course:

This course is also available on DVD. For more details on the full course visit, and don’t hesitate to let me know your feedbacks and question, if any!

Three-day Course in Stockholm on SharePoint Information Architecture

Earley & Associates is North America’s premier information architecture, taxonomy, and governance consulting firm I’ve been working for a while on existing and upcoming SharePoint training materials. Their founder, Seth Earley teaches a great course on SharePoint Information Architecture 9-11 Sept, 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, with integrating case studies and lessons-learned on complex commercial engagements  and sharing Earley & Associate’s practical methodologies.

This three day program introduces attendees to best practices for Information Architecture through a combination of lecture, discussion, hands-on workshops, and SharePoint exercises.  Course participants will learn about many new trends, including the critical role of IA to Big Data Analysis, Knowledge Management, Unified Data Access and search-based application development.  They will learn how to map a user-centric information architecture to SharePoint through hands-on exercises.

More information and registration can be found here. Use the code STOCKHOLM0913 for a 15% off through end of August.

SharePoint 2013 Search Capabilities and Features Training – Online Class

I’m excited to announce I’m doing a 4-hour Online Class on Thu, 16 May for those who want to learn about the Search capabilities and features available in SharePoint 2013.

This is a jam-packed class with lots of real world information and demonstrations, with the following outline:

What’s New in SharePoint 2013 Search – a Practical OverviewSharePoint 2013 has a lot of new Search features and capabilities – first and foremost the new architecture. In this part, we’ll overview these capabilities, including the UI as well as query and content processing.

Content ProcessingIn this part, we’ll walk through the steps of content processing, and will go deep into the crawling and indexing. We’ll overview the various crawling options (full, incremental, continuous) and how each of them works and what are the pros and cons of each. Also, we’ll use PowerShell to extend the crawling capabilities available on the Admin UI.

As a next step after getting the content crawled, it’s important to talk about metadata and Search Schema. You’ll get an understanding how it works, how to use them in practice, and also we’ll demonstrate some PowerShell script again, to work with crawled and managed properties. As the last step in this part, we’ll work with result sources.Working with QueriesIn order to get the proper results, we have to know how to build the query and how they’ll get processed. In this part of the webinar, we’ll see not only how to build up the proper queries but also how to test them and how to get different result blocks on the Search UI. We’ll create Query Rules and Query Block and will use the Query Builder. Also, we’ll work with ranking models and will create our custom one.UI CustomizationSharePoint 2013 provides a next generation of Search User Interface with the new Display Templates for its customization. In this part, we’ll focus on the customization of Core Results Web Part and Refinement Panel  including: create new refiners, display item counts, display custom managed properties on the Core Results, etc.

Search AdministrationSharePoint 2013 Search Administration can be done on different levels: besides using Central Administration and PowerShell, search administrators can delegate some day-to-day administration tasks to site collection and site administrators. In this part, we’ll go through these features and will build up a comparison of the different levels of search administration.Search Troubleshooting on different levelsSearch troubleshooting has been always complex, mostly due to the complex architecture of Search. This part is all about best practices in troubleshooting, on each level of search, from crawling to the UI. We’ll use Developer Dashboard and PowerShell, and we’ll give you detailed explanation and step-by-step guidance for each scenarios.

Are you interested, please find more details and register on


Online Search Trainings (SharePoint 2010 and FAST)

The following trainings contain 24 free, distinct modules with downloadable content, assessments and hosted hands on labs. They cover both SharePoint Server 2010 and FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint: