As predicted in my latest blog post, 2019 is promising to be a very exciting and active year!

One of the most wonderful rewards of my work is the opportunity I have to present at community-organized conferences. These events are terrific learning experiences, not only for attendees but also for us – speakers.

The chance to interact and network with a diverse community of people who share a common enthusiasm for SharePoint and Office 365 is invaluable.

In addition, the synergy created when we’re able to share our knowledge and experiences, and collaborate to support one another is truly inspiring!

I’m really looking forward to presenting at two amazing and important events in the next few months. Let me tell you a little more about them.

The first is the North American Collaboration Summit being held March 14 – 15 in Branson, Missouri, USA.

My session on Friday, March 15, Why you need to invest into Search and how to start this journey, is summarized below:

Search has to be a part of a company’s business strategy and roadmap, to maximize its long-term business value and benefits. This workshop will provide practical guidance on where to invest your time and resources. For long-term planning, an overview of industry trends and how to establish a value proposition and sell to the business will be provided. For short-term benefits, the workshop will cover setting up an action plan to implement immediately.

The conference continues on Saturday, March 16 with full-day workshops. I’ll be delivering an Enterprise Search Masterclass with my great friend, Matthew McDermott. Here’s a summary:

You’ve been given the responsibility for search at your organization – what’s next? You’ve discovered that search is a deceptively tricky domain and that the expectations of many of your stakeholders are difficult to meet or even to define. This all-day tutorial will provide orientation and exposure to key issues, effective processes, and technology. It will provide lay-of-the-land information and approaches to get you off to a good start.



From May 27 – 29, I’ll be at the European Collaboration Summit in Wiesbaden, Germany where I’ll be delivering a session and a workshop again.

My session, Understanding Microsoft Search — what you wanted to know, and what you don’t even know you want to know, is described below:

This session provides you with a deep understanding of Microsoft Search and tips and tricks to apply immediately: what to do and what not to do with your content, taxonomy, information architecture, what configuration and customization options you have, and what’s on the roadmap for the near future.

I’m excited to also be providing a workshop again with Matthew McDermott, Enterprise Search Power Class – Part 1 and Part 2. This one is similar to our workshop at the North American Collaboration Summit.


No matter what level you’re at in your understanding and learning, consider attending one of these summits. I guarantee that the experience will benefit you greatly.

And of course, I would be delighted to see you at one of my presentations!