Document Information Panel (DIP) was a great and important feature, introduced in Office 2010 clients. With its help, users were able to edit the document’s properties in-context:



However, this feature is gone in Office 2016. You cannot view and edit the document properties in this panel right under the ribbon anymore.

In SharePoint Online

When in the SharePoint document library, the document’s properties can be viewed and edited in the info panel on the right side:


To access this information panel, click on the “Info” icon in the top right corner, or “Details” in the document’s context menu. Once the info panel is visible, edit the properties right here, and they’ll be applied to the document instantly.

In Office Online (Word Online)

In Office Online (Word Online), there’s no direct way to edit the document’s properties.

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In Word 2016 (client application)

If you open the document in Word client, the old Document Information Panel is not available anymore. What you can use instead, is the File / Info menu, where you have to click on “Show All Properties…” first:


Here, you’ll see all the properties of the document – even the custom ones:


Of course, these properties can be used in the body of the document in the “old” way. You can add them by choosing the Insert / Quick Part / Document Property menu on the ribbon:


Pros and Cons

There are definite benefits of this new experience: it’s cleaner and much easier to view all the properties of the documents in the same place. But if we have to work with only a few of them, I preferred the old way, since it provided a clean way to view what’s important to me, as a user.

All in all, I get the point behind these changes. What do you think?