It’s been a rollercoaster week here! Besides dealing with family issues, I’ve been working hard on several projects, moved to a new office, and also have been working on to scale our team further. Big news are coming soon, stay tuned!

But first of all, here is my reading list for today:

1. Search Predictions for 2018

by Jeff Fried, BA Insight

Jeff took his crystal ball again to give insights and predictions for 2018. Each of his ten predictions is very interesting, it’s worth to read the whole list and think about every item. My favorite ones are:

  • ML becomes essential to search
  • Blockchain-based search engines will appear
  • Microsoft will splinter their search offerings
  • Big data will give way to smart data

Read the whole list, Jeff’s explanation and let me know what you think. Do you agree? Disagree? What are your predictions for this year?


2. Desktop Search programs for Windows

I’m going to evaluate at least some of these, but what I’m really curious about is what the new Graph-based “Search in Windows” will be like compared to these (as announced at Microsoft Ignite 2017). We’ll know very soon!

If you have experience (good or bad) with any of these, please don’t hesitate to let me know!


3. Starting to plan for 2018

by Martin White, Intranet Focus

I like reading Martin’s content because of his analytic style. So much to learn from him!

In his latest blog post he gives us an insight of his plans for this year, and I am honored to be part of a project he’s coordinating:

Another search-related project that started towards the end of last year involves eight independent search consultants from the USA and Europe. We are working together on what we are currently calling the Book of Search as a convenient project title but it is certainly not going to be a book. The idea is for each of the contributors to share their expertise on what it takes to specify, select and implement search applications, wrapped up with vendor profiles, a glossary and some other elements. We plan to have it available towards the end of February, in time for the IntraTeam event in Copenhagen.


4. Advantages of a Flat SharePoint Site Architecture

by Joanne Klein

Organizing information in SharePoint is always an important consideration. In this post, Joanne summarized the pros and cons of sites vs. site collections. Definitely a must read if you’re working with information architecture!


5. Shall I create a List Column or Site Column?

by Gregory Zelfond

Another must read to help you organize information in SharePoint the right way. In this great overview, Gregory helps with the columns (properties).