I’m back again… I ‘ve been dealing with health issues in the last few weeks, hence the silence, I’m sorry about that. Besides that, last week I was doing a 2-day workshop for an AMAZING, super smart group of people in Dublin, Ireland. The topic was SharePoint Search, Information Architecture, taxonomies, content migration, etc. I really enjoyed it!

This week I am back to home and office, to get ready for IntraTeam Event in Copenhagen, Denmark next week. If you’re around, I’d be happy to meet up there.

IntraTeam Event 2018 - Agnes Molnar Why You Need To Invest into Search - workshop

My reading list for this week consists of several IA-related posts (sources and references I used for my workshop in Dublin) but tried to bring you other, interesting and exciting content, too. Here it is:

1 – My first “Search Minutes” video is here!

In this new series of short videos, I’m going to introduce small tricks, best practices, how-to’s, etc. The first one is about how to exclude content from Search and Delve in Office 365. Enjoy!


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2 – Employee Directory with Office 365 and SharePoint – FREE White Paper by HyperFish

Coordinated by HyperFish, contributed by a group of MVPs and SharePoint/Office 365 experts, this White Paper brings you this comprehensive guide to Build your own SharePoint Employee Directory, helping your organization to find people and expertise quickly and easily.

The guide provides:

  • Detailed analysis on the out of the box people search functionality available in Outlook, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Delve, and Microsoft Teams;
  • Outlines the architecture of People search in both SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises;
  • Provides you step by step instructions to build an employee directory in Office 365 with a A-Z index navigation.



Download the White Paper HERE

3 – What Are The Reasons For Using SharePoint Instead Of OneDrive for Business?

by 2toLead

Sometimes employees in organizations that have rolled out both SharePoint and OneDrive for Business get questions like “Why do we have to use both SharePoint and OneDrive for Business?” These kinds of questions suggest that there is confusion as to when and why a user might use SharePoint instead of (or with) OneDrive for Business. This article is meant to help explain a few of the popular reasons for why SharePoint should sometimes be used.

In this post you get a detailed guidance, as well as real-world examples.

Read the 2toLead blog post HERE

4 – Evolving in the Digital Workplace Together

by ShareGate

ShareGate’s collected the thoughts of some of the most influential Microsoft MVPs in the industry on the subject of the “Digital Workplace”. They asked three questions each:

  1. Describe for us what the “Digital Workplace” means for you.
  2. Does Office 365 respond to the challenges that arise in the “Digital Workplace”?
  3. In your opinion, what’s next for the “Digital Workplace”?

Read ShareGate’s article HERE

5 – Where are the Biggest Opportunities for AI?

by Sinequa

There continue to be all kinds of stories about the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the media, many of which discuss the idea that robots are going to take over the world and put everyone out of a job. While AI is is something we must monitor and control as its capabilities continue to expand, there are tangible applications of this powerful technology happening today. So what are some realistic opportunities for AI in the near future, as opposed to all the sci-fi hype we typically hear about? – Sinequa tried to answer these questions.

Read the Sinequa blog post HERE