Hello from the frozen and super cold Copenhagen! I’ve been speaking at the IntraTeam Event 2018, which was a great success, one of the best conferences and community. If you work with intranet, digital workplaces, or search, definitely should consider attending IntraTeam Event 2019 Feb 26-28 next year!

A few items on my reading list today also related to this event – not a surprise I guess.

1 – Martin White’s summary of the event

Martin White, of the most respected intranet strategy expert, already provided a great, detailed summary of the event. – And we’re looking forward to the second part, too! 🙂

Read Martin White’s IntraTeam Event summary here


2 – IntraTeam Event on Twitter

Usually, it’s hard to get a good picture of an event based on tweets only. But at IntraTeam Event, attendees were so much super active on Twitter, it was literally hard to track down what they’ve written about my workshop and session, the traffic was so high! So much appreciated!

Alexander Kluge, a speaker from Germany, created a Twitter-based summary on his site, which is a great timeline of the conference.


IntraTeam Event 2018 Twitter timeline

3 – Bookmark Ninja

I don’t post tools here too often, and my goal is not to do ads at all. My goal with this link is to show you what I’ve just found earlier this week. I’ve been trying to organize my bookmarks (I have thousands!) in a way that makes sense for my highly structured and metadata-driven brain that is addicted to organizing everything… No real luck so far. But Bookmark Ninja looks like the tool I’ve been waiting for! The “ultimate bookmark manager and organizer.

So here it is for you, too. (Not aff.)

Bookmark Ninja

4 – The Digital Workplace Skills Framework: a free in-depth report for practitioners

by Elizabeth Marsh

The “research found that digital transformation in organisations across the world is being hindered by a lack of appropriate digital skills and inadequate training for employees.

Read this report for more details, definitely an interesting and instructive read for everyone.

Download the report here

5 – Putting information to work: the five purposes of modern intranets – white paper

by Step Two

Modern intranets are now much more than just a repository for corporate content. Transformed by new technologies — and new ways of working — intranets are becoming core platforms for organizational success. This free white paper inspires, and helps with a model to spark conversations with stakeholders throughout your organization.

Download the white paper here