I am traveling again, the last few days (weeks) have been super-hectic here. I love the workshops I do for my clients, as well as, maybe even more, when they ask me to mentor their search teams. Every organization is unique, with unique challenges, search and content maturity level – and unique needs. What a great challenge each of them is!

While working on these challenges, I get to read great content, too. For this week, here is my list for you:

1 – Build an Employee Directory

by Hyperfish

Hyperfish has collaborated with industry experts in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 to bring you a comprehensive guide to Build an Employee Directory in SharePoint, helping your organization to find people and expertise quickly and easily.

The guide includes:

  • Why do we need an employee directory?
  • Out of the box people search experience
  • Architecture of SharePoint People Search
  • Enhancing SharePoint People Search
  • Further enhancements for employee directory
  • Future proof solutions

Get your FREE copy of the guide here


2 – Ready-Made SharePoint Intranets in 2018

by Sam Marshall

Sam was one of  the key speakers at IntraTeam Event in Copenhagen, Denmark a few weeks ago. In his latest CMS Wire article, he summarizes the findings of the SharePoint Intranets in-a-box report. If you are interested in intratents, it’s a must read.

With Sam Marshall and James Robertson at IntraTeam Event 2018

IntraTeam Event 2018 – Conference round-up discussion with Sam Marshall and James Robertson

Read Sam Marshall’s article on CMS Wire here

3 – An intranet needs to be managed as a product, not a series of projects

by James Robertson

James was the first day’s keynote speaker of IntraTeam Event. His most recent blog post is about an amazing approach which comes from Martin White, Intranet Focus, as much as I know, and was one of the primary takeaways of the conference: “a shift from managing the intranet as a series of stand-alone projects, to managing the intranet as a product.” 

This approach can be applied to search as well – read James’s article and let me know what you think. I would love to hear your opinion!

An intranet needs to be managed as a product, not a series of projects – Read the article HERE

4 – Search workshops in May

2016 - IKO Conference Singapore


#1 Enterprise Search Masterclass – Antwerp, Belgium

Join the Enterprise Search Masterclass at Techorama 2018! This all-day tutorial will provide an orientation and exposure to the key issues, effective processes, and technology. Get your tickets and see you in Antwerp!

Learn more and register here

#2 Search Powerclass – Mainz, Germany

Full day Enterprise Search Powerclass with me and Matthew McDermott in Mainz, Germany on 28 MAY 2018. Tools and techniques for improving search, and much much more!

Learn more and register here


5 – The future of work and the digital workplace

by Jonathan Phillips

Jonathan writes in his great post, which is the second piece in this series: “In a white paper presented recently at the World Economic Forum, the three variables — technology, learning and talent mobility — were mapped into 8 different work future scenarios. (…) Today, we’ll review these 8 workplace scenarios in greater depth and consider the implications of our digital workplace industry.

The future of work and the digital workplace – read the article here

+1: Search Insights 2018

A free e-book from the Search Network: Martin White (Intranet Focus), David Hobbs (David Hobbs Consulting), Charlie Hull (Flax), Miles Kehoe (New Idea Engineering), Helen Lippell (Information Today), Agnes Molnar (Search Explained), Eric Pugh (OpenSource Connections), Doug Turnbull(OpenSource Connections).

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