Google announced a few weeks ago that “Google has decided to sunset the hardware-based Google Search Appliance (GSA) and focus their engineering efforts on cloud-based solutions.

This step results in significant changes for many organizations. The retirement of GSA is unprecedented. There have been several acquisitions in the world of search engines in the last couple of years (FAST Search & Transfer by Microsoft, Exalead by Dassault, Endeca by Oracle, Verity and Ultraseek by Autonomy, Autonomy by HP, etc.). But this recent decision by Google is different: GSA for on-premises use is going to be discontinued.

Search Explained is happy to announce our latest analysis: GSA Retirement Explained – What’s Next?

If you are an existing GSA customer and want to know what to do know and what’s the best path to replace GSA in the next two years, this white paper is for you. The white paper includes:

  • 20 pages of deep and detailed information, analysis and guidance;
  • a quick summary of the announcement and its most significant effects;
  • practical, vendor-independent guidance for “next steps”;
  • “big picture” perspective of the industry and technology;
  • recommendations for planning and preparation, and considerations before committing to any technology (and/or vendor);
  • a comprehensive overview of solutions by trusted vendors.

It is important to emphasize that this white paper is not a vendor/technology recommendation or comparison. We do not focus on the quality of any vendor’s products or services. Rather, we demonstrate the market’s responses and their standard schema, and emphasize the importance of an informed, thoughtful, long-term strategy.

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[Update on April 10, 2016]

We are excited to announce that we’ve published the extended version of this white paper as an e-book. You can download it HERE: