I’m always excited about what the new year holds – so many new things: plans, people, places, opportunities, lessons, experiences… the list is endless – and that’s just the things we know about, which we can look forward to with anticipation.
What’s almost as exciting are the things we don’t know about – the unknown, serendipitous happenstance of life; where could this year lead us?

Our plans at Search Explained for the new year include some very important changes on this web site, creating more and new types of content, and traveling again. Here’s how our events diary is looking so far:

Sure we have an exciting and challenging year ahead.

And if you’re asking about my Search Predictions for 2016, let me quote Matt Moore and Kelly Tall, who wrote a report on the inaugural Innovations in Knowledge Orgazisation conference (Singapore, 8-9 June 2015):

Search is no longer simply about “search” – ie information retrieval triggered by a user entering a string of text. It is moving into the real-time, the predictive, and the visual. (…) Search and findability are entering a twin-track world where technology providers produce ever more sophisticated tools for specialised knowledge retrieval that are deployed by a small number of sophisticated organisations – and the larger number of search deployments continue to disappoint due to failures in implementation. Whether the mainstream can catch up with the vanguard remains to be seen.”

Search is no longer simply about “search” – and while the evolution of the sophisticated tools mentioned above remains slow, 2016 might be an important year towards having more and more successful implementations. In the world of Microsoft technologies, the public release of SharePoint 2016 with the new Hybrid Search model will be definitely an important milestone, as well as the new features and enhancements in the Office Graph and Delve.

By the help of these tools and others, step by step, we’re moving ahead.

I hope 2016 brings you infinite possibilities and opportunities, to take you through this exciting new year, and beyond!

Happy Search Year 2016!