Besides the missing document information panel, another common question about document properties is how to embed properties which come from a SharePoint column to a document template. This can easily be solved by using content types and site columns. Follow these steps:

1) Create a custom content type. In my case, its name is “Training Document”, inherited from the out-of-the-box document content type:



2) Add your custom site column to this content type, in my case “Training ID”:



3) Assign this content type to your document library:



4) Create a document in this library, based on this content type:




5) When editing the document, add the properties of your choice. For example, Training ID:



6) Save the document to your SharePoint library in the format of your choice, docx or dotx. In my case, its file name is “Training-Document-Template.docx”.

7) Copy the URL of this document, in this format: http://[the-url-of-your-document-library]/Training-Document-Template.docx

8) Go back to site settings, and open your new content type settings again. Open “Advanced Settings” and copy the URL to the document template URL field:



9) Save your content type.

10) Go back to the document library and check if everything is working correctly: create a new document based on this content type (Training Document) again, and violá! – It uses the new template, with the embedded SharePoint document property.

Bonus: If you don’t want to store the template in the same library as your business documents are, create a separate library for the template(s). The steps are the same as above. The only additional thing is that you have to add the content type to both document libraries.