Recently I’ve made a farm setup where SharePoint 2010 (SP2010) and FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint (F4SP) had to be installed to separated boxes. After a successfully installation there’s always useful to make some testing before indexing the production content sources. In case of F4SP it’s much more easier than you’d think.

First, you have to push some content to the content collection. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new document anywhere on your local machine, for example C:FAST_test.txt
  2. Fill some content into this document, for example: Hello world, this is my FAST Test doc.
  3. Save the document.
  4. Run the Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint shell.
  5. Run the following command: docpush -c <collection name> “<fullpath to a file>” (in my case: docpush –c sp C:FAST_test.txt) (See the full docpush reference here.)

If this command run successfully, your document has been pushed to the FAST content collection and can be queried. Next step should be to test some queries:

  1. Open a browser on the FAST server and go to http://localhost:[base_port+280]. In case you used the default base port number (13000) you should go to http://localhost:13280. This is the FAST Query Language (FQL) test page, so you can make some testing directly here.
  2. Search for a word contained in the document you’ve uploaded (C:FAST_test.txt). For example, search for the word ‘world’ or ‘FAST’. The result set should contain your document uploaded to the content collection before.
  3. Also, you can set some other parameters on the FQL testing page, for example language setting, debug info, etc.

FAST Search Query Language (FQL) test page

But this site (http://localhost:13280) is much more than a simple FQL testing page. On the top navigation there are other useful functions too:

  • Log
  • Configuration
  • Control
  • Statistics
  • Exclusion List
  • Reference

I’ll deep into these functions in a post later. Stay tuned!