In today’s demanding business climate, it is common for people to get overwhelmed by the ever-growing volume of data and information. In Office 365, Microsoft Graph and intelligent Machine Learning (ML) techniques provide personalized, new-wave insights. These features make it possible not only to search and re-act, but also, do personalized search and pro-actively find and discover content.

Earlier this week, Microsoft has announced several major updates in Office 365’s insight engine:

  • Personalized search coming to Delve search box. With these new updates, Delve will provide more personalized search experience:
    • Users can get back to what they were doing (instant result items based on their most recent work).
    • Users can discover new information: content, people and sites from throughout the organization. Everything is presented in the order of what’s most relevant to the current user.
  • Microsoft Graph improvements:
    • New insights from Office 365 Groups and Outlook modern attachments enable not only to surface important people and content, but also a more personalized, relevant experience.
    • Improved performance and content freshness: Relevance context is now pre-processed and sent along with the query on the search index.

These updates are going to roll out to First Release customers next week. Worldwide rollout is expected for this summer.

Microsoft is committed to deliver more on intelligent, personalized search later.

However, it is important to mention that there is no impact to the enterprise search center, nor to its access points customers may have put in place.

Read the full announcement HERE.

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