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Mastering Microsoft Search

Online workshop
Oct 25-29, 2021

You are responsible for Search in Office 365, and providing an optimized search is essential for daily business operations in your organization. However, out-of-the-box Microsoft Search does not deliver the relevant results that your users expect.

Level up your knowledge by learning best practices, tips and tricks, and real use cases from a recognized expert.

Taking the Mastering Microsoft Search course, you will learn:
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Mastering Microsoft Search

Oct 25-29, 2021 (Online Workshop)


Level up your search knowledge by learning – best practices, – tips and tricks, and – real use cases from a recognized expert: Agnes Molnar (MVP, RD).

Workshop Outline

Day 1 (Mon, Oct 25)

  • Office 365 Search options
  • Microsoft Search overview
  • PnP Modern Search overview

Day 2 (Tue, Oct 26)

  • Microsoft Search configuration options
  • Search metadata and Microsoft Search

Day 3 (Wed, Oct 27)

  • PnP Modern Search – deploy & configure

Day 4 (Thu, Oct 28)

  • Search User Experience
  • Add search-driven content to SharePoint Online pages
  • Optimize content for better search

Day 5 (Fri, Oct 29)

  • Search Governance
  • User Adoption of Search
The Format of the Course
This is an online and interactive course. Every group will have a maximum of 20 attendees.

You will be added to a dedicated team in Microsoft Teams where you can ask questions, talk to other attendees, and access all course materials.

Daily lessons will be added to the Teams library each morning Central European Time (CET).

All course resources will be available to you for up to 3 months after concluding the course.

Each lesson contains:

Every attendee will receive a digital certificate after completing the course.

Your Instructor: Agnes Molnar, MVP and Managing Consultant of Search Explained

If you’re a search manager, search administrator, or the Office 365 guru who is responsible for search, and you want to know how to become the “search champion” in your organization, I am here to help.

With over a decade of search consulting experience, I have seen all kinds of organizations: large and small, local and global, profit-oriented and NGO, conservative and very agile – all facing the challenges of content findability.

I’ve founded Search Explained in 2014, and since then, I have been helping organizations around the globe to achieve their information and knowledge management goals.

I am a founding member of  The Search Network, a global community of independent search professionals and contributor to the annual report, Search Insights.

I’m a Microsoft Regional Director and has been awarded a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft every year since 2008. You can find me speaking at various events, conferences and workshops around the globe.

Improve and enhance search in  SharePoint Online

Have customized search applications in SharePoint Online

Have up-to-date knowledge about Microsoft Search

Understand how Content Services in Office 365 can help to optimize and enhance search
Create an overall search strategy and governance plan in Office 365, preparing IT, Communications, HR and all the users to the constant changes
Know the best resources to learn from
My passion has been always sharing my knowledge
– this is why I am super excited about this online course.

“Good information, great to hear from how you use it, as well as how other attendees do things. Good examples”

“Well put together, strong teaching approach, live Q&A was cool.”

“The “learn as you have the time” aspect of this training was unique, in a very good way.”

“The format was great! I appreciated the opportunity to chat and talk about issues facing my own organization, and hear about what others are doing as well.”

“I liked most the use of videos regarding to “how to do sth” and the possibility to ask questions and communicate with chat.”

“Wow! Finally a meaningful explanation about Office 365 Search! Thanks Agnes!”

“Good inspiration on how to ensure better search.”

“Brilliant workshop explaining lots of pitfalls of modern Search”

“Top dollar value. The method Agnes uses to give the participants deep search knowledge is brilliant.”

Mastering Microsoft Search

Oct 25-29, 2021 (Online Workshop)


Level up your search knowledge by learning – best practices, – tips and tricks, and – real use cases from a recognized expert: Agnes Molnar (MVP, RD).

Need further help outside the course curriculum?

Please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you in more mentoring or completing any project for your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Answers:

While the search principles discussed during the workshop can be applied to any search engine (including SharePoint on-prem versions, of course), the technical topics, discussions, and hands-on exercises will be specific to SharePoint Online only.

No. What you need is an account that can be added to Microsoft Teams which is the official platform of the training.
If you have a developer/playground tenant with your own test or dummy content, then you can use that during the course. Otherwise, we can provide a separate site for you which you can use to do all the hands-on exercises.

The short answer is no. We do two live sessions every day because of the significant time difference. So if you prefer option 1 you join that call, or if you prefer option 2 (I suppose everyone in the US and Canada) you join option 2. Or you can join both if you like 😊 
Also, we record every call so you can watch them later. 

We limit the number of attendees in order to be able to help everyone, regardless of their level of previous experience. You consume the pre-recorded videos and written materials in your own pace. During the live calls Agnes responds all questions – being it deep technical or high-level strategic or conceptual. Also, Agnes is online for 12 hours every day during the workshop, and helps everyone 1:1 on Teams as needed (chat as well as 1:1 calls).
In the previous workshops, we had attendees with various job roles and backgrounds:


Yes. We’re discussing all the application landscape in Microsoft 365, their search features. However, the primary focus will be on SharePoint Online, especially when discussing custom search applications.

This course is for you. We’ll discuss what and how you can achieve with the out-of-the-box toolset, and also where the boundaries and limitations are. Also, we’ll discuss what to do if you need custom search pages or complex search applications in SharePoint Online.