When I saw Delve (that time Codename: Oslo) at SPC in Las Vegas, it was an instant love at first sight. After this first meeting, I had to wait for a while until I could really “touch” it.

The first time when it got enabled on a tenant I use, was in a customer’s environment. I do have an account to this customer, for several reasons. First time when I saw Delve was there, I had an immediate curiosity—I’ve never looked around at that environment before to check what content is shared with me. I worked with documents related to my project but that’s all.

Once I opened, Delve presented LOTS of documents which were shared with me. Much more than I expected!

The top ones were the customer’s roadmap and research plans! Even their titles told me a lot about their plans and how they want to move forward on the market. Even without opening these documents I’ve got more info on their plans than ever before. I work remotely there, most of our meetings are well-targeted, time-limited online calls, we don’t have time and opportunity for “soft” talking.

But these new “findings,” presented by Delve were good reasons to initiate new discussions with this customer. And guess what?—They really appreciated my thoughts and feedback. These discussions are still ongoing, and very useful for both of us! I can learn a lot from and about this customer of mine, and they can get the benefits of my “external” thoughts. And this way, our relationship got stronger now than ever before.

I’m pretty confident, these discussions might have never happened without Delve…