Apparently, 2016 is the year of big changes in the world of Search.

Earlier this year, Google has announced the withdrawal of their Search Appliance (GSA).

This step results in significant changes for many organizations. The retirement of GSA is unprecedented. There have been several acquisitions in the world of search engines in the last couple of years (FAST Search & Transfer by Microsoft, Exalead by Dassault, Endeca by Oracle, Verity and Ultraseek by Autonomy, Autonomy by HP, etc.). But this recent decision by Google is different: GSA for on-premises use is going to be discontinued.

As one might have guessed, this announcement had significant implications on the Search market.

Vendors started to react instantly.

So did Yippy as well. The press release says:

Yippy, Inc. has agreed in principle to acquire Michael Cizmar & Associates Ltd. (“MC+A”), a charter Google for Work Partner and winner of Google’s 2014 Innovation Partner of the Year Award.  Upon completion of the acquisition, MC+A founder Michael Cizmar will join Yippy as a member of its senior management team.  Yippy anticipates that the acquisition will be closed by mid-July 2016.

(Highlighted by me.)

The message is clear: MC+A was a winner of Google’s prestigious “Innovation Partner of the Year Award“. Acquiring them provides significant benefits on the market for Yippy.

In my opinion, this acquisition is still not the last big news this year. GSA has about two more years until its final sunset. I’m sure we’ll see many interesting and exciting transitions along this journey.

What do you think? What can be the next?

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