What Can I Do If No Document Preview Displayed on the Hover Panel (SharePoint 2013 Search Configuration)?

Recently, I met a SharePoint 2013 environment where everything was installed and configured, including Office Web Apps (WAC) but we still couldn’t get displayed the document previews on the Hover Panel in Search results. Result pages were something like this, for each file type:

No Preview on Hover Panel

First Question: Is Everything Configured Correctly In Sharepoint 2013 Search Panel?

IF YES, so everything is configured correctly, the solution is pretty easy. Here is the “how to” guide for Sharepoint 2013 search configuration to get displayed the document preview panel:

  • Step 1: Just click on the search result to open the document by WAC.
  • Step 2: If it’s successful, go back and refresh
  • Step 3: The previews on Hover Panel should be there.


Looks like WAC requires some kind of “warm up”:

If your case is not that simple and you need help with Sharepoint 2013 search configuration then leave a comment in the comments section!