Delve and Office Graph are appearing in Office 365 tenancies around the globe. These truly innovative technologies marry search, big data, and enterprise social networking to change the story about how users find and discover information and each other.

IT Unity is stepping up to help the SharePoint & Office 365 communities succeed with Delve & Office Graph… or even just discover them if you haven’t seen Delve in your Office 365 tenant. We’re going to give you starting points for everything you need to understand, plan for, implement, and develop for two of the most potentially revolutionary services Microsoft has released.

The IT Unity CommUNITY is proud to announce:

  • The launch of our Delve article series (by myself, IT Unity co-founder Dan Holme, and IT Unity’s search and findability experts)
  • “My first time with Delve”
  • Delve and Office Graph Customer Survey
  • Content. Training. Services.
  • Delve Days of December webinar series (by Cem Aykan, Microsoft Senior Product Manager of Office Graph and Delve and myself)
  • Experts Panel – Your Questions, Answered

Please visit IT Unity for the details.

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