Recently, I had the honor to speak at the SharePoint and Project Conference Adriatics in Zagreb, Croatia. This week, I’ll demonstrate one of my topics in a 5-part series: Connecting Project Server Data to SharePoint Search. The outline will be:

Direct Crawl

If our Project Server is on-premises and in the same domain as our SharePoint farm (or if we have two-way trust between the two domains), one of the easiest way might be to crawl the Project portal content as a remote SharePoint site.

For this, the only thing we have to do is to create a content source with our Project Server portal’s URL as the “Start Address”:

We also have to configure the content access account, by creating a Crawl Rule for this site:

With this option, we’ll have the Project Server items integrated into our SharePoint Search result set, with the full functionality (refiners, hover panel, etc.):

In the next parts of this series, I’ll overview some other ways to connect Project Server Data to Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2013 as well as some tricks for UI enhancements. Stay tuned:

  • Part 3 (Dec 11, 2013) – Federating Project Server Search
  • Part 4 (Dec 12, 2013) – Business Connectivity Services
  • Part 5 (Dec 13, 2013) – User Experience