I am honored to be invited to speak at the SharePoint Conference 2019 next May in Las Vegas, NV.



I’m going to have a session and a full-day post-conference workshop – both are focusing on Microsoft Search in Office 365.

My session: Microsoft Search in YOUR Organization

Organizations have invested in their information architecture, as well as ‘classic’ search, a lot. With the personalized and consolidated Microsoft Search, they are in front of a bright future – however, the content and search strategy has to be aligned. 

In this session, Agnes overviews the latest updates, upcoming features, and future vision, and helps you to define what, where and why you have to update. She also helps you plan to get the most out of Microsoft Search – both in short and long term.


My workshop on Friday, May 24: Everything you wanted to know about Microsoft Search

Microsoft Search, the most powerful search engine in Microsoft’s history ever, is here. For every organization in Office 365, it’s becoming an organic piece of our everyday work. Therefore Search has to be part of the company’s business strategy and roadmap, to maximize its long-term business value and benefits. 

During this workshop, Agnes demonstrates how Microsoft Search works today and explains what you can expect in the future. Having a good understanding of these details is critical to your organization’s strategy – however, it’s not enough. This is why Agnes goes far beyond the What’s. She also explains How you can get your Office 365 tenant and content ready, and your users prepared. She provides detailed practical guidance on where to invest your time and resources and helps to set up an action plan which you can start implementing instantly. 


Although Microsoft Search is quite new, I’ve been already preparing dozens of organizations and making them ready for these upcoming changes. Both my session and my workshop will be full of practical, real-world examples, and I’ll help you to get your actionable strategy and plan ready as soon as you get back from the conference.


I’m looking forward to seeing you in Vegas next May!

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