Search Insights 2019


by The Search Network:
Martin White (Intranet Focus), David Hobbs (David Hobbs Consulting), Charlie Hull (Flax), Miles Kehoe (New Idea Engineering), Helen Lippell (Information Today), Agnes Molnar (Search Explained), Eric Pugh (OpenSource Connections), Doug Turnbull (OpenSource Connections)

Guest contributors:
Jon Chamberlain (University of Essex),  Sam Marshall (ClearBox Consulting),  Karen Renshaw (Grainger Global Online),  Stephanie Segura RodasTony Russell Rose (UXLabs)




Search Insights 2019, a new report by the Search Network and guest authors is here:

In total the contributors to Search Insights 2019 have well over 50 years of experience in helping organizations to find business-critical information, working with enterprise search, e-commerce and web site search, and with specialized search applications. Not only do we work with different types of search applications, but we also write in our own style and from our own individual experience.

Our objective in writing this new report is to summarise some of the insights we have gained from these projects and make this knowledge open to the search community worldwide. That is why there is no charge for this report, and it carries no sponsorship.

Our most significant contribution to our clients is a very good understanding of what an effective search application can deliver in terms of business benefits and employee engagement. Very few organizations have had an opportunity to see and use the range of search applications that we have worked on.


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