SharePoint and Office 365 Search Terminology Explained




The terminology of Office 365 and SharePoint Search is a special one. We talk about it, discuss it, even have debates about it – but the exact phrases and expressions might have “blur” understandings. Based on my experience, Enterprise Search discussions almost always have to be started with clarifying the terminology, which may take valuable time.

The main goal of this e-book is to help everyone working with Search to have a common understanding, and that the discussions to be started with the real, valuable conversations. The e-book covers the following topics:

  • Search scenarios – Search, Discovery, Findability. Web Search, Enterprise Search, Real-Time Search, Semantic Search. Data, Information, Knowledge. Information Architecture. Knowledge Management.
  • Topology – On-premises Search. Cloud Search. Hybrid Search. Search Service Application. Cloud SSA.
  • Architecture and Components – Crawling. Full Crawl, Incremental Crawl, Continuous Crawl. Search Connectors. Content Processing. Indexing. Search Federation. Query Processing. Search and Usage Analytics. Office Graph. Delve.
  • Content – Content Source, Result Source. Content Freshness.
  • User Experience – Query. Search Results. Result Types. Query Rules. Best Bets. Faceted Search – Refiners. Hover Panel. Display Template.
  • Metadata – Content Metadata. SharePoint Metadata. Search Metadata. Crawled Property, Managed Property.

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