Agnes Molnar’s Sessions:

Personalized Search and Collaboration in Office 365

Mon Aug 27, 2018 1:45 pm


Session slides

[PnP Call] Use SPFx & Search/Graph API to create custom modern search


In today’s demanding business climate, it is common for people to get overwhelmed by the ever-growing volume of data and information. In Office 365, Office Graph, Machine Learning (ML) techniques provide new-wave intelligent insights. Microsoft is modernizing the search experience, making it more personal, more intelligent and more consistent across entry points – and putting everyone into confusion. Which one to use when? How to get ready for the upcoming challenges?

This session will not only cover the new “modern” and “personalized” capabilities in Office 365, but also provides a guidance of how to get through this initial confusion.


How to Optimize a Content Migration Project to Improve Findability

Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:30 am


Session slides

You’re migrating content to SharePoint, and already have panic attacks and sleepless nights about it. You know that one-to-one, copy-paste migration is not the best way, and want to improve the overall usability of findability of content as a result. In this session, Agnes demonstrates how to get prepared for the challenges, and how to do the content migration without worrying about the results. We’ll discuss information architecture, content type, taxonomy and other challenges, considerations as well as best practices. As a takeaway, you’ll have a checklist and action plan that you can apply immediately – and enjoy the results in the long run.

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