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Classic vs. modern search experience in Office 365 – Are you confused?

If you use Office 365, you must also know the feeling of confusion when it comes to the various Search experiences. We still have the classic search center, but also more and more modern search experiences. We have different user interfaces. Different ways of getting content suggestions and people recommendations.

Sounds exciting, but in practice, it can be very confusing.

When to use which one?

How to explain to the end users? Read more…

Personalized Search in Office 365 Delve

Intelligence-powered, personalized search in Office 365

In today’s demanding business climate, it is common for people to get overwhelmed by the ever-growing volume of data and information. In Office 365, Microsoft Graph and intelligent Machine Learning (ML) techniques provide personalized, new-wave insights. These features make it possible not only to search and re-act, but also, do personalized search and pro-actively find and discover content.

Earlier this week, Microsoft has announced several major updates in Office 365’s insight engine:

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Free webinar with Mark Kashman, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

Free Webinar with Mark Kashman, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

We’re happy to announce Search Explained’s FREE webinar with Mark Kashman, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft on February 22, 2017 at 8am PST / 11am EST / 5pm CET Read more…


[Search Terminology] Search, Find, Discover

Welcome to the Search Terminology series! In this series, I’m going to explained the most important words and expressions related to Search and Information Findability.

Let’s start with three basic expressions: Search, Find and Discover.

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Office Graph Delve

Office Graph and Delve news

I have been quite off-grid recently, but life goes on and as always, there are so many news about Office 365. Some of them are not related to search and findability at all (or at least, not directly), but some others are quite interesting.

In this post, I’ve collected the most important and (hopefully) exciting ones. Read more…

Microsoft Ignite: The “Big Bang” Conference

Microsoft Ignite was possibly the biggest Microsoft event ever – and it was a very important event, if not the most important event, from the perspective of findability and discovery. Microsoft announced Office Graph and Delve (codename Oslo) at the SharePoint Conference last year and rolled them out to the Office 365 customers in the last few months.

That only marked the beginning. Read more…

A Business Overview of Office Graph and Office Delve – on IT Unity

Office Delve and the Office Graph are officially released and are being deployed into Office 365 tenancies worldwide. So it’s time to catch up with what these technologies do, what they mean to business, and what they reveal about the new Microsoft. – Recently, Dan Holme and I published the first part of a series on IT Unity, in which we discuss the basics and most important benefits of these technologies innovations. Read more…