Happy New Year!

At the beginning of the new year, we have big plans, dreams – and also goals. My plans include new courses, new services, as well as lots of new content.

In this blog post, I’m introducing ten blogs I’ve been following for a while. They are people and companies who I respect, and who inspire me in the “search world” and beyond.

Some of them are search blogs, some others are about related technologies like intranets, taxonomies, information architecture, knowledge management or taxonomies.

Some might be familiar to you, some others not.

Some of these blogs are written by a company, some others by individual experts.

I suggest to check out these blogs and add to your regular reading list in 2018.

(The list is in alphabetical order.)

AbleBlue – Matthew McDermott

Matthew is a Principal Consultant for AbleBlue, responsible for delivering SharePoint Architecture and Technical guidance. He is also an evangelist and community leader for SharePoint through his blog and speaking engagements.

I know Matt for about ten years, met him at my very first MVP Summit in April, 2008. He has also been a regular guest author of our blog, as well as the presenter of one of our most popular webinars in 2017 (Implementing a Content Search Project – Start to Finish). We make a full day Enterprise Search Powerclass together at the European Collaboration Summit in Mainz, Germany May 2018.


BA Insight

BA Insight’s Software Portfolio makes search intelligent by connecting machine learning, cognitive computing, and enterprise systems to help you power a new generation of intranets and cognitive search solutions. On their blog, they provide insights of enterprise search, cognitive technologies, machine learning, portals, intranets, taxonomies, and many more.

URL: https://bainsight.com/blog


CMSWire is a leading, native digital publication, providing articles, research and events for sophisticated professionals driving digital customer experience strategy, evolving the digital workplace and creating intelligent information management practices.

I’ve been writing for CMSWire for a few years, but one of my goals for 2018 is to write articles for them on a regular basis.


Enterprise Search Blog – Miles Kehoe

Miles is a long time enterprise search consultant, providing vendor/platform-neutral help to customers. His specialties are: Vendor-neutral Enterprise Search evaluation, selection, and ongoing management; Solr, Lucene, commercial platforms, SharePoint search, Search Analytics, Business Intelligence, Search Best Practices, Big Data.

While I have been a big fan of Miles’s blog for a long time, I met him in person only a few months ago.


Essential SharePoint – Susan Hanley

Susan is one of my “superheroes”. She is a business analyst/information architect specializing in the “people side” of collaboration and knowledge management solutions. Her specific areas of expertise include knowledge management and intranet strategy, information architecture, user adoption, governance and business value metrics.

She presented an amazing webinar titled “How to Overcome User Adoption Hurdles for Office 365 and SharePoint” with Search Explained in Aug, 2017.


The Findability Blog – Findwise

Findwise is a Vendor independent IT consultant company, specialized in enterprise search, information management, analytics and Big Data. With training, guidance and customized applications they can help to find, analyse and act upon information.

On their blog, many of their employees share their expertise is various categories, such as findability, information retrieval, taxonomy management, etc.


Flax – Charlie Hull

Charlie is the absolute GO TO resource if you work with open source search. Although he doesn’t work with SharePoint or Office 365, his blog is full with great stories and insights to learn from.


Intranet Focus – Martin White

I met Martin after I started my own business almost five years ago. He set up Intranet Focus Ltd. in 1999 and one of the most knowledgeable person about intranet, enterprise search and information management strategy development and implementation. Besides his blog, his book, Enterprise Search: Enhancing Business Performance and research notes are must-read content for everyone working with search and/or intranets.



Sinequa provides a Cognitive Search & Analytics platform for Fortune Global 2000 companies and government agencies. Using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning algorithms, their solution offers insights extracted from structured and unstructured data. On their blog, they provide really valuable insights about cognitive technologies, NLP and machine learning.



Synaptica is an innovation leader delivering enterprise software solutions for knowledge organization and discovery. Their international solutions team brings together independent thought leaders from multiple consulting organisations and disciplines, including knowledge management, taxonomy management, text analytics, NLP, and many more.