IMG_20170318_190737“SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 Search in Practice” Workshop – Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017

  • “I really enjoyed the interactive way the workshop was set up.”
  • “I’ve got a complete picture of everything related to search.”
  • “I enjoyed the pleasant and open minded/analytical attitude of Agnes. I’ve got very valuable insights in the search process, and how to facilitate search experience in our organization.”
  • “Thank you, Agnes for these two insightful days and answering all of our questions! The workshop was very well prepared. We can see that there was a great time spent on organizing all the details of it.”


Live! 360 Workshop “10 Steps to be Successful with Search” – Orlando, FL 2016

  • “Agnes, I was in your Live360 workshop.  And, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it.  You gave me many tools to come home with.  I got more out of your workshop, than I did at all the seminars all week.”
  • “Thank you very much for the workshop in Orlando at 360Live. There is some tremendous value that comes from that, and I am looking forward to putting some of this into play.”
  • “My main motivation to attend this whole conference was your name. I’ve been waiting for this workshop the whole week.


Findability in YOUR Organization – Webinar, 2016

  • “Well done Agnes! Very knowledgeable.”
  • “Glad I attended. I am a project manager interested in setting up a PoC for search but was never aware of what is involved.”
  • “Agnes Molnar is always expert on the subject of search.”
  • “This was very helpful.  The instructor was great and very knowledgeable.”


SharePoint Masterclass in Building Search-Based Applications with SharePoint 2013 | Singapore 2014

  • “This workshop is extremely helpful as it provides a good insight into SBA.”
  • “Thanks for sharing your expertise and experience! It is a good workshop.”


Designing Semantic Search Solutions with SharePoint 2013 – Making Search Work for the Enterprise | Webinar, 2014

  • “Thank you!  The class was really excellent!”
  • “Yesterday I had the opportunity of attending the Webinar on
    SharePoint Search and it was simply excellent. I’m new to the SharePoint World and found it very illustrating.”
  • “Congratulations for the content and the way you convey your knowledge.”
  • “I wish I had more training from you!”


SPC Adriatics 2014 – Zagreb, Croatia

  • Conference was much better that I expected in my dreams. Really. Interesting, full of great girls and boys (speakers). For me, the best one was Agnes. Great Lady!


SharePoint Summit 2014 | Toronto, Canada

  • “Topic was very relevant to my organization”
  • “Speaker does seem very knowledgeable and speak well, clearly”
  • “Great presentation. Speaker was very knowledgeable and presented real world examples”
  • “The speaker really knows SP really well! She provided loads of useful information. She was really helpful”
  • “Most useful session of the conference!”
  • “Excellent speaker and material!! Very relevant”


SharePoint Conference 2014 | Las Vegas, NV

  • “I sat in both of Agnes sessions, and she really made a huge impact on me… well done presentation, very, very practical information. I will be referencing my notes on this one all year long. I can’t wait to hear future presentations from Agnes.”
  • “Answered more of my burning questions and confirmed more assumptions than any session. Great presentation!”
  • “She laid out good arguments and followed through with good examples.”
  • “Challenging topic. Glad to see it addressed head on!”
  • “More please! Very solid session – was very well delivered, good fun!”


IntraTeam Event 2014 | Copenhagen, Denmark

  • “Clear way of dealing with complex subject”
  • “Good examples. All round presentation on search”
  • “Very competent”


Live!360 2013 | Orlando, FL

  • “Agnes definitely knew her stuff and she was easy to understand“
  • “Agnes is a wonderful asset to the SharePoint community. An enlightening and engaging speaker.”
  • “Glad that there was a demo of how to actually use the metadata”


Designing Semantic Search Solutions with SharePoint 2013 – Making Search Work for the Enterprise (Training, c/o Earley and Associates)

  • “Agnes knows her stuff and Search is very complex. She goes through all its complexity and gives a really good overview.”
  • “I loved the “what it looks like” sections. It was clear that the presenter knows the technical details for search implementation.”
  • “Individual points of information were well organized and well-documented; slides should provide an excellent reference.”

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