2018 was a super intense year, with so many great moments, experiences and lessons to learn.

  • I did at least one on-site, client workshop (almost) every month, with three workshops in the busiest month itself. The result has impacted over a hundred thousand SharePoint and Office 365 end users around the globe.
  • I also spoke at countless events and conferences and met many great people interested in search out there.
  • We have rolled out our new webshop, with books and online courses (more to come early next year, stay tuned!).

And we had over twice as many visitors in 2018 than in 2017. – Thank you, everyone, we’re glad you’re here!


It’s always a very exciting and emotional moment when we analyze the traffic and our blog posts, and collect the most popular ones at the end of the year. Every post has its own “backstage” story, people and companies who provided the topic and inspiration. I wish I could list all of our blog posts here, each of them is part of our DNA, and helped us to get where we are today.

I am also glad to have advanced web analytics tools, so I didn’t have to pick five “favorites” for you. The numbers speak for themselves – Ladies and Gentlemen, please find the list of the most popular Search Explained blog posts in 2018 here:


5 – Query Rule – RegEx Match Anywhere in Query (by Matthew McDermott)

How do you create a query rule that matches any part of the query? – Matt answers this question and demonstrates in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way.


4 – Microsoft Search: Next Level of Office 365 Search Announced at Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Search is the new “cohesive search that intelligently helps you find, discover, command and navigate”. In this blog post, right after Microsoft Ignite 2018, I explain what this means in practice.


3 – SharePoint Metadata in Search

Good SharePoint metadata helps the content usability and findability skyrocket. The result is happy and productive employees. In this blog post, I explain how you can get there.


2 – Search Insights 2018 – free report from The Search Network

Search Insights 2018 is a free, online report by world-renowned search experts, The Search Network. Download it from this blog post – for free!

Hint: we’re already working on the 2019 edition!


1 – Office 365 Search: The Most Important Announcements at SharePoint Conference North America 2018

SPCNA was an important milestone in 2018: Microsoft announced the first wave of important Search news, which led to Microsoft Search later. Interesting to look back and see what they said in May.


Plans for next year? – You might ask. – I have an absolutely exciting year ahead. My calendar is already overbooked until April. We’re working hard on the 2019 edition of The Search Network-s e-book, Search Insight. I have a new webinar schedule, and plans for new online courses, too – but let me tell you more about my plans in the next blog post. 😉

Until then, let me wish you a very happy, joyful and prosperous new year for 2019!