As the new year arrived to us, let me share the list of our most popular posts from 2015:

  • Display Template for Tasks in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365
    It’s a common requirement to create a “My Tasks” or “Team Task” dashboard on the Intranet, where every user can see his/her own open tasks with status, due date and other information. This practical post demonstrates how to implement this in a search-driven way.
  • Refiners in SharePoint 2013 Search
    The concept of refiners (facets) is not new, the are part of every major Search platform. This post is an introduction to the refiners in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, and demonstrates how they can be customized.
  • Reduce Resources Used by noderunner.exe in SharePoint 2013
    This is a deep technical post which shows how to reduce the resources used by SharePoint 2013’s search component, noderunner.exe
  • Enable PDF Previews in SharePoint 2013
    The Hover Panel in SharePoint 2013 (and Office 365) displays document preview for Office documents and other (basic) file formats. This post is a collection of useful articles and blog posts which demonstrate how to configure the Hover Panel to display document preview for PDF files as well.
  • Why SharePoint 2016 is Important from the Perspective of Search?
    Microsoft announced he public availability of both SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview and the new cloud hybrid search in August, 2015. In this post I summarized  the importance of this milestone, from the perspective of Search.
  • The Five C’s of Enterprise Search
    Enterprise Search has many challenges – in this post I’ve collected the most common ones: Culture, Content, Challenges, Capabilities, Confines. Understanding these “Five C’s” helps us to be more successful with implementing Enterprise Search.
  • Enterprise Search Europe 2015 Highlights
    This post is a quick summary of the Enterprise Search Europe 2015, the premier conference of Search and Findability in Europe. The event brought together all the relevant technologies: SharePoint, Elastic Search, Lucene, Solr, etc. All the vendors, consultants and enterprises got together to discuss the latest challenges, solutions, case studies and talk about the future possibilities, options and opportunities.