Search is often considered to be a magical “black box”. It’s like air or water: we don’t recognize it as long as it works fine. But as soon as we don’t get the results we expect we start complaining.

In this webinar, I’m de-mystifying Search in SharePoint and Office 365. I’ll explain how it works behind the scenes in a way that makes sense not only for the Level 400 Search Pros but also for the end users. I’ll demonstrate the basic concepts of the following things:

  • how content becomes searchable;
  • how data becomes filter (refiner), how it can be displayed on the user interface;
  • how to define various “search verticals” and specific search applications;
  • why is it important to add good metadata on the content AND empower all users to do the same;
  • how content metadata becomes the “soul of search”;
  • classic and personalized search experiences in Office 365 – why we have what we have, and how to get the most of this wide variety of search experiences;
  • and many more.

Register below for free, invite your colleagues, decision makers as well as end users, to help the understanding all the magic behind classic and personalized search (a.k.a. modern search).


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