Classic vs. “Modern” a.k.a. Personalized Search Experiences in Office 365 – Are you confused?

If you use Office 365, you must know the feeling of confusion when it comes to the various search experiences. We still have the classic search center, but also, more and more modern search experiences.
Sounds exciting, right? Yet in practice, it can be very confusing.

You may be asking yourself:
When should I use each one?
How can I explain these concepts thoroughly to end-users?

Understanding the User Interfaces, and the processes behind them are essential for running a fully optimized search platform. By registering for this session, we’ll help you get a greater understanding of search in Office 365.

We’ll also show you how you can track and analyze your search efforts, to make sure you’re validating your successes and making the right changes to guarantee your users are getting the search results they need to navigate though Officer 365 easily.

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