Most enterprises, companies and organisations struggle with getting a sustainable practice to all information both in-side and outside the corporate walls. The obvious answer, is search, but reality check states that regardless of engine, SISO (shit in, shit out) prevails. Today we see hybrid solutions of software as service, and on-premise legacy content corpuses used in any business. This webinar with Fredric Landqvist will cover emerging new content practices (internal or external) where adding some sense making will improve the utility of search. From a technical position, things within:

  • Web of Data (previous Semantic Web)
  • Taxonomies, Ontologies
  • NLP, ML and knowledge graphs for business.

Cases will cover: digital workplace with a mix of Office 365 and hybrid solutions: master data management and information supply chain, semantics applied to everyday business.

FREE webinar with Fredric Landqvist, Principal Information Strategist Findwise
June 28, 2017 5pm CET / 11am EST / 8am PST

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Fredric Landqvist works as on principal information strategist at Findwise since 2016, and has run his own consultancy 22 years in the domain of information management, knowledge management an the like. Fredric is also researcher, and an industrial PhD-candidate at Dept for Applied IT ad Gothenburg Univ. and Chalmers Univ. of Technology.
Fredric has worked with search related technologies since 1995, and is a strong advocate for emerging linked-open-data.