The most common question I get about my upcoming workshop, SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 Search in Practice, is why I’ve decided to choose a two-day format.

I know it could be one day. Also, it could be three days, or even up to five.

I do have ten years of experience teaching and doing workshops around the globe. I’ve tried several formats. Some worked, some didn’t. What I’ve found is that I don’t like frontal teaching. It’s not my style. And I know, it can be exhausting as an attendee, too. Instead, I iterate several things:

  • Presentation: I use them only to do knowledge transfer. To present the theory, and the “dry” knowledge which you have to learn in order to understand Search.
  • Exercises: I prefer doing special and interactive exercises to explain the “How”. I believe that this is the best way to learn. Moreover, the collection of exercises I do at my workshops doesn’t only help you to start thinking about search in practice. Instead, I provide guidance on how you can repeat the whole process in your organization – and be the Superhero of Search!
  • Discussions: The whole workshop is very interactive. I encourage you to bring your own challenges, questions and let’s discuss it here. Let’s learn from everyone in the group!

Here are the main considerations why I do my Roadshow workshops in a 2-day format:

  • It is short enough, so you don’t have to be away from work for a whole week.
  • It is long enough to learn and discuss all the topics is deep details.
  • It is long enough to learn from each other’s experience as well. I prefer doing interactive workshops rather than teaching in an “I speak you listen” model. This way, you can hear other attendees’ challenges, solutions, maybe tricks & tips as well, and can get the feeling of not being alone. In my experience, this is one of the biggest added values of my workshops.
  • At the end of the day, we can all share dinner together 🙂
  • You can “digest” the first day and get back with your questions the second morning.

As you can see, this is a very interactive, hands-on workshop. Therefore, the number of available seats is very limited, this format works only with small groups.

I am doing this workshop in Europe only two times in 2017 – Don’t miss this opportunity! Register now to save your seat!