During most of my career, I’ve been working as a consultant.
My 10+ years experience is that being responsible for Search is a huge challenge in every organization. First and foremost, because Search is challenging itself. Second, because each organization is unique, therefore needs a unique approach. There are too many components to make fit together.

In a blog post last year, I introduced “The Five C’s of Enterprise Search“:

  • Culture;
  • Content;
  • Challenges;
  • Capabilities;
  • Confines.

In my recent CMSWire post “4 Dimensions of Enterprise Search Success“, I describe the main components of Search Success:

  • Business;
  • Application;
  • Data;
  • Technology.

If you’re a manager or decision maker who is responsible for Search, you have to have deep knowledge and understanding in all of these components and their relationships.

And this can be VERY challenging.

This is where my new coaching program “YOUR Search Success” can help.


What is this coaching program about (and what’s NOT)?

This is a coaching program (not a technical consultancy agreement!) for Search managers and decision makers, being responsible for the success of Search in their organizations. The program consists of one-to-one calls (Skype or phone), e-mail sessions, worksheets and other resources (depending on your specific background and needs).

During the program, I help with all my knowledge and real-world experience. I suggest, provide advice, ask questions, and always try to be thought-provoking.
I help you to make the best decisions.
I help you to be successful in your role.
Because YOU are the one who knows all the four dimensions of Search in YOUR organization.

You don’t have to budget and commit to a 100+ hours consultancy agreement.
If you need my time for one hour only – you can book it!
If you need my advice once a month – there you go!
If you want to make a call with me more often – of course!

YOUR Search Success is my mission.


What are the main benefits?

If you hire me to be your coach, I guarantee the followings:

  • You will get a deeper understanding of the Four Dimension of Search Success in your organization than ever.
  • You will get a thorough understanding of the general Search principles and best practices.
  • You will get closer to success every day, working by your customized` action plan we define together, and revise often.
  • You will have clarity and measurable plans, including well-defined milestones on your way to success.
  • During our engagement, you have high priority in my inbox, I guarantee to response your questions in less than 24 hours, no matter what.


How it works?

You can buy prepaid packages of my time (1 hour, 5 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours).

Then, you are eligible to book my time and get my advice on-demand (via e-mail, skype or any other conference call platform). I track my time in a transparent way, therefore you can see your “balance” at any moment.


What if it’s not for you?

Don’t worry; I provide 100% money back guarantee. You are not satisfied – no problem! No question, you get your money back!


What’s Next?

Are you ready to be successful with Search?


Still hesitating? – Contact me and let’s discuss your questions.

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